This Teacher Does Something Totally Unexpected With His Students and It’s FULL of WIN

One Memphis, Tennessee elementary teacher has brightened up a sad news week just by doing something he does every single work day—but something you and I certainly don’t see every day—walking several of his students home from school.

Last week when local resident Tabitha Tudy Jones saw Whitney Achievement Academy teacher Carl Schneider holding hands with and walking a half dozen or so of his students home from school, she was so touched that she snapped a quick pic and posted it to Facebook.

In no time at all, the photo went viral!

whitney 2

According to school principal Debra Broughton, about 200 of Whitney Academy’s students walk home, and she encourages teachers to make sure they get their safely. Mr. Schneider is one of 5 teachers who routinely sees a gaggle of students safely to their doorsteps every day.

whitney 1

(Photo: Whitney Achievement Elementary on Facebook)

Schneider told that he enjoys the walk as a way to connect with kids and parents, and that though he is taken aback by all the attention, he is glad the community he teaches in “is being highlighted in a positive way”. He went to to say:

 “I think our students deserve the same love and quality education as students in any other district. It’s a lot of fun, and it’s a great way to get to know the students on a more informal basis and talk about their day.”

whitney 3

(Photo: Whitney Achievement Elementary on Facebook)

We’ve gotta give a HUGE pat on the back to all the teachers who put in the EXTRA time after the bell rings and literally go the EXTRA mile for these students! Thanks for being such an inspiration and giving us such a bright spot in a really tough news week. You are inspiring your students and an entire nation with your commitment to doing more for the kids you invest in every day!


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