3 Miscarriages + 4 Years of Infertility = 1 POWERFUL Pregnancy Announcement

Macy Rodeffer, who writes at the blog Martinis & Medicine, recently caused a stir in the mom blogosphere for an amazing reason—she’s pregnant! But for Macy and her husband, this is no routine news. Every pregnancy is special, but not every pregnancy is as hard-fought for as Rodeffer’s. And after four years of infertility, three shattering pregnancy losses, and “depression, 107 hormone injections, one surgery, two procedures, over 100 suppositories, and several thousand dollars”—the Rodeffers are expecting a child later this year. Macy chose to shine a light on infertility with a unique pregnancy announcement—her baby’s ultrasound photo and a  onesie surrounded by the  hundreds of pill bottles and syringes she had to take and endure to become pregnant. The result is stunningly powerful:


Macy Rodeffer
Photo: Martinis & Medicine on Instagram

Macy wants to make it clear that though she is overjoyed that she will soon have a baby in her arms, the pain of infertility will always be with her, saying: “We will always have infertility. It doesn’t matter if we have all the children our hearts desire… Our baby doesn’t erase years of loss, depression, hopelessness, pain, tears, and crying out to God. Our baby doesn’t replace the babies that were lost years before… The baby in my belly, soon in my arms, will not dull the pain of the next pregnancy announcement or baby shower or birth. They will always remind me of my struggle. Past and future, because I know this struggle doesn’t end. But to every single one of my babies, the one who made it and the ones who didn’t; you were worth it.”

Congratulations to the Rodeffers. We can’t wait to see that BIRTH announcement and we’re praying for you! Thank you for bringing attention to the pain of infertility and pregnancy loss, healing  hearts as you share your good news.

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Jenny Rapson
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