Princess Diana’s Goddaughter with Down Syndrome Slams Reality TV Star’s Comments

The late Princess Diana’s goddaughter, 20-year-old Domenica Lawson, is making headlines in the UK this week because she is defending herself and others who have Down syndrome with a scathing letter to a British reality TV star. According to the Daily Mirror, last week Ursula Presgrave, who stars on BBC3’s reality show The Call Centre, wrote a now-deleted comment on her Facebook page that said, “Anyone born with down syndrome should be put down, it’s just cruel to let them lead a pointless life of a vegetable.”


(Photo from Domenica’s mum, Rosa Monckton, on Instagram)

Domenica, a college student, wrote Presgrave a heated letter that said, “With Down’s Syndrome we are born this way and we are not like vegetables – that’s a mad thing to say. This is my life…You can’t say put Down’s Syndrome people down like a dog — it’s upsetting and it’s not on. So what if we are Down’s Syndrome — it makes us who we are. We are real people.”

The late Princess Diana befriended Domenica’s mum, Rosa Monckton, in the early 1990s as she was separating from Prince Charles. Monckton has said that when Domenica was born with Down syndrome, Diana made herself godmother in a show of support—Monckton didn’t even have to ask.

Domenica Lawson on FB

(Source: Domenica Lawson on Facebook)

Domenica, who is also the niece of celebrity chef Nigella Lawson, says that Down syndrome does not keep her from having a full life. Monckton says “She attacks every day and gets so much out of life.”

Lawson’s speaking out for herself and others with Down syndrome is especially important in the UK, where high stigma against those with that extra chromosome that causes Down syndrome leads to a very high percentage of Down syndrome pregnancies being aborted.

Congratulations to Lawson for taking a stand and showing the world that people with DOwn syndrome are not “vegetables” but people just like you and me, living life and giving back to those around them. I’m sure Presgrave will be keeping her discriminatory opinions to herself for awhile.

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