This Professor Holds a 2-Year-Old While Teaching and Humankind Learns a Lesson

A Nashville, Tennessee professor at DeVry University is trending on Facebook this morning for a pretty sweet reason. When one of his students, Amanda Osbon, a single mother, had to bring her toddler to class due to a babysitting snafu, Professor Joel Bunkowske was unfazed. As a matter of fact, when the tot broke free from his mom and toddled up to Bunkowske, the professor simply scooped him up and kept on teaching! His act of kindness towards a mother in a difficult situation quickly went viral.

Amanda Osbon

(Photo: Amanda Osbon)

Osbon told a local Nashville news station WKRN that she was embarrassed at first, but then Professor Bunkowske commented that everyone struggles and that it was ok.

She also said the other students in the class, most of whom are parents, were very understanding.

Well done, Professor Bunkowske! Who knew that a professor holding a baby in class could make such an impression on the hearts of many? Thanks for showing kindness to a struggling mom and beautiful kiddo and teaching humankind that children are to be valued and not tolerated!

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Jenny Rapson
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