Watch This Inspiring 7-Year-Old “Fight (Song!)” Cancer With His Favorite Rock Star

Here’s the story behind this amazing video, from Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles:

“I have a question. Can I have your autograph?”

A courteous but serious question asked by 7-year-old Jeremiah Succar just after singing “Fight Song” with the song’s creator, Rachel Platten.


Platten recently surprised Jeremiah at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles when she learned through social media that he was a big fan of her and her new hit song.

“Jeremiah loves “Fight Song”—he memorized the lyrics after three or four times of listening to it,” says Jerry Succar, Jeremiah’s father. “He used to sing it when he got a lot of headaches, but now he sings it in the morning, before bed and during shots he has to get.”

Recognizing what the song meant to Jeremiah and how it was helping him get through his treatment, his parents started #RachelMeetJeremiah on Instagram. From there, the hashtag was embraced by their large group of friends and family on various social media platforms and reached Platten herself on Twitter.

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Jenny Rapson
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