Hilarious Twitter Reactions to Simone Biles at Rio Olympics Prove Our Minds Are Officially Blown

On Tuesday night at the gymnastics team final at the Rio Olympics, the world REALLY got to see the perfection that is Simone Biles. All of America watched with our mouths agape as she hit routine after routine, putting up HUGE scores and helping Team USA cruise EASILY to a team gold medal. Because Biles was too young qualify for the London 2012 games, many of us had not heard of her until recently, but the fact is, she’s won THREE World Championships in a row and set a whole new standard for gymnastics greatness.

As we do, all of America took to Twitter as they watched Biles’ performance, and the way Twitter users documented how they literally could NOT believe what they were seeing CRACKED me up! Check out some of my favorite tweets below!
















Simone Biles is rock solid proof that no matter how you start out in life, the love of a good family and hard work + talent can take you ANYWHERE! In Simone’s case, that “anywhere” is the highest heights—literally and figuratively! Congrats to Simone Biles and Team USA on their gold medals! Can’t wait to see her compete in the all-around and rack up a few more!

Feature image: Screen shot from NBC sports via YouTube

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