Stay-at-Home-Dad of Triplets Invents Genius Hack For Peaceful Car Trips—Hysterical!

Jake White and his wife Jen are proud parents of two-year-old triplets Jude, Stella, and Xavier (can you IMAGINE the terrible two’s times THREE?) from Ohio. Naturally parenting three kids who are the exact same age comes with many challenges. Jake, who is a stay-at-home-dad, told that his background in the arts as a sculptor has provided him with some great problem-solving skills when it comes to dealing with three active toddlers. And one of his newest parenting problem-inspired inventions is going viral for an amazing reason: it’s GENIUS!



After being frustrated by the kids fighting over and snatching each other’s snacks in the car, White set out to come up with an invention that would give him more peace and less distractions while he was behind the wheel. As you can see, he pretty much NAILED IT with this divider! He posted this photo to Facebook and it started going viral immediately because all parents everywhere immediately started exclaiming “OH MY GOSH WHY DIDN’T WE THINK OF THIS?” in unison! Am I right?

I don’t have triplets, but do you think it would be cool if I used this for my 12- and 9-year-olds?? PLEASE?

“The dividers are foam core, just strong enough to keep the kids separated. The kids aren’t strong enough to break it from a seated position yet,” White told TODAY Parents. Hmm. I bet my big kids could break them down. FOILED AGAIN! But seriously, if you have littles who have to sit close together in the car, I think you should be stealing White’s idea, like…YESTERDAY!

Somebody give this guy a Nobel Prize!!

“The kids are very well behaved and I take them everywhere, so it was a natural solution to keep the peace,” White says of his invention. At first, he didn’t realize it would get such a huge reaction, but he says after reading all the comments on his post, it makes sense.

And…. No more car fighting. The guys at the drive-thru said it was genius. A day in the life of triplets.

Posted by Jake White on Tuesday, September 27, 2016

“I really had no idea this was viral material, but now that I look at the combination of components in the photo and the caption, it makes sense why it went viral. Parents get it when it comes to problem solving.”

Jack White, you’re my new hero! Enjoy your new-found status, and your delightfully quiet car rides!

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