The Epic Reactions to This Surprise Adoption Prove the Crazy-Awesome Beauty of FAMILY

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After trying to get pregnant for four difficult years, California couple Lacey and Banks Farris decided to grow their family thorough adoption. Although their family and friends knew they were in the adoption process, Lacey and Banks decided to keep part of their journey a just between the two of them. When they got close to bringing home a baby girl, they didn’t tell family and friends, choosing to have a surprise adoption instead.  Of their loved ones, Lacey told ABC News.”They didn’t know we had been matched and were talking to a particular set of parents or anything.

The Farris’ adopted baby Finley at birth, and on May 2 she “became fully ours,” says Lacey.  Then, the surprise adoption REVEAL was ON! The happy family of three showed up on the doorsteps of their family and friends with their bundle of joy—and their loved ones’ unbridled reactions to the surprise is truly touching. I cried BUCKETS watching this. New life and a new family are truly just THAT beautiful and awe-inspiring!

They planned the video because Banks works in the film industry, and Lacey says, “We wanted to make sure she viewed her adoption not as something that was weird or taboo, but we wanted it to be just part of who she is. We wanted her adoption to be part of her life and part of her story.”


Since the Farris’ posted their video on YouTube last week,  it’s gotten over 150,000 views.  I say we make that go way higher! Spread the joy and love of adoption by sharing the Banks’ story on Facebook!

Congratulations to the Banks family, and thanks for sharing your journey! How amazing that little Finley will have such an inspiring record of how very LOVED and WANTED she is.


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