Tennis Star Rafael Nadal Stops Match to Reunite Distraught Mom and Missing Child

Rafa Nadal stops a tennis match to help find a missing childRafael Nadal stopped his tennis match once he saw what the commotion in the crowd was about

Posted by Huffington Post UK on Thursday, September 29, 2016

Lots of fans look up to sports stars as heroes, but it’s not every day that one does something that is actually heroic in the middle of a match. Spanish tennis star Rafael Nadal did just that yesterday during an exhibition doubles match with American John McEnroe and two other Spanish players in Majorca. As he was about to serve, Nadal noticed there was a disturbance in the crowd, so he stopped cold.

Focusing his gaze on the crowd, Nadal could see that a woman was very distraught and looking for someone or something. It turns out she had been separated from her toddler daughter, and was in a near-panic trying to find her. TV cameras recorded the mother crying and shouting “CLARA!” among the crowd of 7,000 fans. She must have felt like she was looking for a needle in a haystack, but thanks to Nadal’s stoppage of play, everyone in the stadium focused on finding the tiny girl, and within minutes, mother and daughter shared a tearful reunion.


Naturally, Nadal’s good deed is tearing up the internet—and I’m loving it! It’s nice that this athlete took the time to make sure that the crowd’s focus could be on the most important thing, rather than the main thing. I’m sure that mama is very grateful!


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