Terrifying Video Shows Stranger Grabbing 4-Year-Old Girl While Mom Is 3 Feet Away

child kidnap awareness

A Victorville, California girl is lucky to be safe with her mom today after a terrifying kidnapping attempt caught on store surveillance video.

6 ABC News says the girl was standing a few feet from her mom, who was holding her baby sibling, when a 24-year-old stranger simply opened the shop door and grabbed her. The video shows her mom taking after them as fast as she could, then re-entering the store with both her children. At the end of the short clip when she is holding both her children close to her and kissing them, I just BAWLED.

The girl reportedly fell, escaping the would-be abductor’s grasp and allowing the mom to catch up with them.

The store owner and a customer chased the suspect and held him until police arrived. He now faces kidnapping charges.

What a terrifying ordeal for this mom and child! It just goes to show that in our society, you CAN’T keep your kids too close! This mom wasn’t doing anything wrong, but predators are now THAT daring. This brings to mind all the warnings I’ve been reading from parents on social media about suspicious strangers and sex trafficking. The danger is real, and none of us are immune.

Honestly, mamas, just watching this quick clip brought tears to my eyes. I pray for the safety of my kids every day, and that Christ’s love would heal this broken, dangerous world we have to help them learn to navigate as they grow.

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