Toddler’s Bedtime Prayer Caught on Her Baby Monitor is Too Precious For Words!

I LOVE it when God uses my kids to teach me an important life lesson. Every single time it happens, it’s so humbling and precious.

I imagine little Sutton Whitt’s parents are feeling about the same right now. Kathryn and Caleb Whitt of Seneca, South Carolina were rushing to put their 2-year-old daughter to bed Sunday night so they could watch the Carolina Panthers in the playoffs, so they skipped their nightly prayer ritual.

But it turns out, little Sutton knows how important prayer is! A few minutes later, her parents were shocked and thrilled to hear Sutton praying on her own on her baby monitor. It is TOO precious, and Kathryn was thankfully able to catch some of it on video!

According to Fox 59 News, Sutton normally rushes through her prayers at bedtime, taking about 20 seconds to recite everything. But on this night she spent a bit more time. In the video, she thoughtfully calls out the names of the people she’s praying for and says thanks many times. Sutton mentions everyone from her grandma to her parents to even Santa Claus.

“I was just shocked at her age that she wanted to think through everyone she wanted to pray for,” her mother said.

I gotta say, 2-year-old Sutton’s prayer pretty much takes the cake on ADORABLE! This blessed my socks off today. If it blesses you too, I hope you’ll share it on Facebook!



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Jenny Rapson
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