The Hospital Staff Wouldn’t Tell His Mom How Bad It Was—Watch This Miracle Baby Thrive!

Kristy Cecil’s first pregnancy was uneventful, and her daughter, Francesca, was born without complications. Just one year later, Cecil was pregnant again and expected much the same — but instead she was diagnosed with a devastating medical condition that could have killed her and her baby. When her son, Hugo, was born at just 25 weeks — four months before his due date — doctors and nurses called him a “miracle” baby who survived against all the odds.


Photo: Yahoo Parenting

Cecil never wavered from her belief that Hugo would pull through, even though he was just 1 pound and 14 ounces and had eerily transparent skin “like a baby bird.” “I believed that he was going to make it … and he did!” she says in an emotional and triumphant interview with Yahoo Parenting as part of their original video series, “What It’s Like.”

For the rest of Hugo’s amazing story, head over to Yahoo Parenting!

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