The Internet Just Reunited This Adopted 82-Year-Old With 96-Year-Old Birth Mom

Adopted at birth, Betty Morrell has been searching for her birth mother for literally almost her adult life…and since she’s 82, that’s a LONG time. But thanks to the power of the internet and some help from her 32-year-old granddaughter, she recently got to meet and hug her 96-year-old mother, Lena Pierce.

82 year old

Morrell was born as Eva May, but Pierce, at only 14, was forced to give her baby girl up for adoption because she herself was a ward of the state. Eva May was placed with loving parents in Long Island, New York, but always longed for siblings. Her adoptive mother died when Betty was only 21, and her father when she was in her thirties. After his death, her search for her birth family began in earnest, but she was stopped at every turn in the pre-internet age simply because her adoption had been “closed”.

In 1995, her then 12-year-old granddaughter Kimberly Miccio decided to help her search using the burgeoning technology of the Internet. Eventually, she signed her grandma up for—and twenty—20!!!—years later, that paid off, when one of her birth relatives, a second cousin named Brad Newman, sent her a message in September 2015. He connected Betty with Millie Hawk, one of her four sisters (she also has 2 brothers!), and the rest is history…a history that ended with an 82-year-old woman in her 96-year-old birth mother’s arms in January.

lena betty
This photo from CBS New York totally brought me to tears. Amazing!

“No more waking up in the morning longing for answers,” Morrell said. “I finally feel complete.” The family is planning for another reunion as soon as possible.

I love this story so, SO much—after over 50 years of searching, what a beautiful reunion! I think they are all feeling that is was worth the wait.

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