The Letter this Mom Wrote About Miley Cyrus is an Unforgettable Must-Read For Girls

The internetz are abuzz about Miley Cyrus again (but seriously, when are they not?) after the just-released covers of Plastik magazine on which she appears topless.  There are four dfferent covers, all topless, a couple  barely covered (one with pasties, eew.) Last year, a letter written by a mom, blogger Kim Killer of Roadkill Goldfish,  about Cyrus went viral. The letter, originally written in response to Miley’s unforgettable poor-taste twerking performance with Robin Thicke in 2013, has once again captured our attention in the wake of Cyrus’ flamboyant nude Plastik magazine covers, so we thought we’d share it again today. (Note: We are not sharing the un-cropped magazine covers here because in our opinion, they are in very poor taste, however they are all over Facebook so if you want to see them, they are not hard to find.)

In the letter to her own child, Keller says,


Dear daughter, let Miley Cyrus be a lesson to you.

Yes, this is what happens when you constantly hear everything you do is awesome. This is what happens when people fawn over your every Tweet and Instagram photo. This is what happens when no responsible adult has ever said the word “no,” made you change your clothes before leaving the house, or never spanked your butt for deliberate defiance.

miley plastik


(Source: Miley Cyrus on Facebook)

If you ever even consider doing something like that, I promise you that I will run up and twerk so you will see how ridiculous twerking looks. I will duct tape your mouth shut so your tongue doesn’t hang out like an overheated hound dog. I will smack any male whom you decide to smash against his pelvis – after I first knock you on your butt for forgetting how a lady acts in public.”

She adds, “Why would I do that? Because I love you and I want you to respect yourself.”

There’s a lot more to the letter, which you can check out here at Keller’s blog.

I have to say for the most part I agree with Keller. I am fairly shocked at HOW FAR Cyrus has run from her squeaky-clean youth. I understand wanting to break out of an image that you feel isn’t true to yourself, but how and WHY does constantly throwing your nude body in people’s faces really make you feel like you? In June 2015, Cyrus told TIME Magazine that it makes her feel POWERFUL.  The article on Cyrus says: “she knows there will be critics who shame her for having her ‘t*ts out,’ as she puts it. But she says she keeps doing it to challenge people: ‘I’m using it as a power stance,’ she says. ‘It’s funny to see people try to look me in the eye.'”

Using your public nudity as a “power stance”? That’s messed up, Miley. The truth is I DON’T want to see your nude body, and when I can’t even scroll through my Facebook feed without doing so, you’re taking something from me without my permission. Is that powerful to you? I think it’s just bad manners.

Butt in any case…what do you think about this mom’s letter? Is your daughter growing up to be like Miley something that horrifies you as well?

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