The Life-Changing Lesson My Messy House Taught Me

Every day when my kids leave for school, my kitchen looks something like this. And even though it is not hard to clean my tiny kitchen or my 1100 square foot house, sometimes the tedium of wiping the same counters, and straightening the same beds, gets old. Sometimes, I lose perspective and I sink into a funk.

It’s ALWAYS dirty. It’s ALWAYS cluttered. The kids NEVER remember to make their beds or put away their toys. I’m a TERRIBLE disciplinarian. NOTHING I teach them matters because they don’t remember.

But then I realize that I need to switch perspective.

Instead of seeing REDUNDANCY, I can see CONSISTENCY.

Instead of seeing CHAOS, I can see CHILDISHNESS.

Instead of seeing DISORDERLINESS, I can see LIVELINESS.

Instead of seeing INCOMPLETENESS, I can see IMAGINATION.

Instead of seeing CLUTTER, I can see ABUNDANCE.

Instead of seeing AN UNMADE BED, I can see A PLACE of REFRESHMENT.

Psalm 118:24  This is the day the LORD has made; We will rejoice and be glad in it.

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Katrina Ryder
Katrina Ryder is a mom of three, writer, speaker, and former teacher and missionary who enjoys sarcasm and Jesus among other things. She blogs at