The Planned Parenthood Scandal and Grieving Lost Babies, Wanted and Unwanted

Today I grieved for mankind. I read about the unspeakable evil of healthy, live babies, ripped from their mothers’ wombs. Unwanted. Crushed in just the “right” way so as to preserve certain body parts. Human children, dissected and packaged for sale to the highest bidder.

I took all of this in, while my own children played and jumped and ran all around me. Wild, easy summertime is here, and my three are enjoying every minute. They leapt off of the couch and crawled in a little line, like spy-gear clad ants, marching off to another adventure, fueled by their imaginations and a whole summer’s worth of grilled cheese sandwiches.

These three children. They are spectacular. I know them well. I see their faults and their best qualities. I see the sandy brown hair they inherited from their daddy. Their bright blue eyes. The way their spirits are so sensitive to the truth, the way their minds are always working.  I look at them, and I know that they are capable of true, God-powered greatness.

These three, they aren’t my only three. God gave me three others, and one day I’ll meet them for the first time. None of them were quite suited for this world, and I lost them early in pregnancy. Still, I often wonder if they are my redheads. Their existence is as real to me as the three who are finally conked out in their beds right now.  I know they are real, individual human beings.

And they matter.

They have a place in the scheme of this universe. God created them, and He sustains them in Heaven. All of mine.  All of yours.  All of the millions who died before they had experienced anything more than God’s presence and their mother’s warm body and beating heart. No matter how we begin, and no matter how we end, human life matters.

Today I asked some friends if they have experienced miscarriage or stillbirth. I was moved by how many of them reached out to acknowledge the souls that they once carried.  Someday, around the throne of the King, we will worship with them, the little ones that we never really knew, and they, our “wanted” children, will stand shoulder to shoulder with millions of “unwanted,” and together we’ll sing praise to the God who sees the wonder in all of us.


All of this was sent to me today by friends when I asked about fetal loss. If you would like to, please add the gestational age of your babies in the comments.  They matter.

Aimee- 8 weeks
Shannon- 11 weeks
Amber- 7 weeks
Allison- 11 weeks
Ashley- 6 weeks
Dawn- 6 weeks, 6 weeks
Melissa- 5 weeks, 8 weeks, 10 weeks
Courtney- 10 weeks
Claire- 11 weeks, 8 weeks
Kristy- 5 weeks, 11 weeks
Calli- 9 weeks
Paula- 10 weeks, 30 weeks
Kim- 8 weeks, 8 weeks
Katie- 12 weeks
Misty- 6 weeks
Heather- 8 weeks
Kelly- 9 weeks
Monica- twins, 22 weeks
Jo Kay- 3 before 8 weeks
Samantha- 23 weeks
Sandra- 6 weeks
Natalie- 19 weeks, 8 weeks
Holly- 16 weeks
Mandy- 28 weeks
Allison- 6 weeks, 7 weeks, 8 weeks
Tami- 7 weeks
Amy- 14 weeks
Natalie- 9 weeks
Angie- 11 weeks (Hannah, Liam, Dash), 32 weeks (Collin)
Cacee- 2 less than 6 weeks, 2 tubal pregnancies

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Melissa Edgington
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