The Steve Harvey Miss Universe Debacle is Not Newsworthy

I used to do beauty pageants.

(Don’t snarf your coffee…you’re talking to the former Mrs. Palm Beach first-runner-up).

I actually *like* pageants. It’s fun to dress up and parade around…even if I only do it now in the privacy of my own bedroom – which is probably why I have 16 kids to begin with.

But Steve Harvey and his big flub up in the Miss Universe pageant is NOT news when SIX of my beloved countrymen lost their lives to a suicide bomber an ocean away yesterday.

cnn screenshot

Six servicemen. Twelve parents. How many of the deceased were married? How many children? How many brothers and sisters left behind?

Wreaths3Six new Gold Star families. Hundreds of lives changed in an instant. Christmas will now forever be associated with the day that their lives were turned upside down. Next year as the rest of the world prepares to celebrate they will be one year into a grief that will not have even begun to dissipate. Their heartbreak only magnified by the “joyous” season that brought them to a day they never even saw coming.

If you’ve been a part of this community for any length of time, you know we love our military in the Reback household. You know we serve and care for those who have sacrificed so much for this great nation that you and I may have the freedoms and opportunities that we do. And you hopefully now see news like this and it resonates a bit differently. It means more to you now.

I know, you’re busy getting on with your last minute preparations for Christmas. I am too. I still have to wrap the gifts, figure out what we are wearing for Christmas pajamas because there is no way I am braving the malls at this point, go to the grocery store, stocking stuffers (16!!!), figure out what to get my dear hubby, the kids have two-a-day swim practices straight through the winter break and we have two more parties at our house and three other commitments and I have NO IDEA what we are wearing Christmas Eve…

But I do know this:

When our nation bleeds overseas, when our beloved men and women in uniform are left dead because of a suicide bomber and a war that just won’t stop…when our news cycle sees fit to continually blare out meaningless news of the day and barely mentions or glaringly overlooks such sacrifice, you and I must step up. We must honor that loss. We must choose to daily continue in our personal battles and prevail because our victories come at such cost. We must choose to whisper the names of the fallen in our prayers and hold up their loved ones with the respect and reverence they deserve.

And look, I’m real sorry for Miss Colombia. I’m sure that Miss Philippines probably never imagined her winning moment would go down the way it did. I’m even sorry for Steve Harvey — mistakes happen.

But in light of such loss overseas, and as I see my Gold Star families reacting on social media to the loss of six servicemen abroad so close to Christmas I can’t help but think that our media as a whole is being completely disrespectful to the families of the nation’s military. This loss deserves top billing over any beauty contest flub up.

If you agree, share this post. Let’s tell America what bravery did for them yesterday. Let’s remind them that six servicemen means six sons and daughters. Six spouses. Six daddies. Six big brothers or older sisters. Let’s chose to honor and remember their loss by letting the rest of the country know what the media thinks is so unimportant. Share this post and let your loved ones and friends on social media know that six new Gold Star families were made yesterday when our nation’s finest sacrificed their last breath.

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