Fun Interview: The “Surprise Triplets” Mom Tells Us the Story of HOPE Behind the Viral Video

Over the weekend, this video of Desiree and Ryan Fortin’s gender reveal party went viral. The reason? Because the crafty couple, who had struggled with infertility for three years, told their friends and family they were having twins, but at the gender reveal party, they pulled off a huge surprise – the couple knew all along that they were having triplets! Their friends and family were blown away and overjoyed by the surprise that the Fortins will be having three babies – two boys and a girl!

I contacted mom-to-be Desiree to find out the story behind the huge surprise and their pregnancy, and she answered our questions with a story that brought me to happy tears! I know you’ll love this story as much as I do!

JR: Can you give me a little background on how you and your husband met, dated, got married, etc.?

Desiree: Ryan and I met at Point Loma Nazarene University. I was smitten by his charm and humor. He and I are both twins, which is also pretty neat! I knew pretty soon after I met him, that he was the man God had for me. We dated for 9 months and he gave me the most beautiful proposal ever. We had a gorgeous Hawaiian-like wedding in May of 2009.  I am the luckiest girl in the world to be married to Ryan. He is so strong and faithful and has a heart of gold. 

JR: How long did you struggle with infertility? What helped you get through that difficult time?

Desiree: My twin sister was diagnosed with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome several years ago, so I knew pregnancy may be difficult for us, especially since I carried many of the same symptoms. However, I never imagined our story would be what it actually is.  Despite the fact that I knew physically I had some problems going on, I thought we would get pregnant very easily. Unfortunately, that was not the case.  I finally got diagnosed with PCOS when we started seeking fertility treatment.   It took us a total of about 3 years to get pregnant. The holidays were always tough…a lot of days were tough. This journey is not easy, and comes with so many burdens and broken moments. Despite the heartache that we faced every time we had a negative pregnancy test or fertility treatment failed, we kept our eyes on the Lord. Our HOPE has always been in Him and our journey became an anthem of hope. We kept trusting Him even when we were hurting–even when didn’t understand His plans. I started blogging my journey a little over a year ago and it has been amazing to be able to connect with so many other women and bring a voice to infertility. When Ry and I came to a vulnerable place and exposed our struggles to family and friends and through my blog, the support came raging in. It has been amazing and truly a special gift to receive the kind of love we did along the way, especially on our hardest days. Our fertility treatment was a HUGE undertaking emotionally, physically, and financially. Something amazing God did was show us how He could provide for us. Two close girlfriends created something we called The Hope Jar. They asked everyone we knew (and even people we didn’t know who read my blog) to make a hope jar and stick change, encouraging words, and prayers in their jar. We had a Hope Party in which everyone brought their jars and we raised nearly $14,000, which covered about half of our fertility treatment. Wow wow wow!!! Ry and I were absolutely blown away by this. Every detail of our story was made by Him. We now have 12 remaining embryos or “snowflakes” as we call them. And one day we will be ready and in the position to be able to adopt them out to other couples who are so desperate to have a family. It is a unique gift we have been given.

JR: Describe your reaction when you and your husband found out you were having triplets.

Desiree: My husband and I were elated… and in a bit of shock too! Our triplets are a precious blessing that God has given us and we are absolutely overjoyed.  Our triplets are already so loved and they have been prayed for by so many. It is beautiful. 

JR: How did you guys decide to pull off such a huge surprise? Did anyone else know besides you two and your doctor?

Desiree: There were only 5 very trustworthy people along with our Doctor who knew. I have had several appointments since we found out we were carrying triplets and Ryan wasn’t going to be able to come to all of my appointments, so I knew we had to tell my Mom especially since I had already invited her to come to my appointments. She was sworn to secrecy and not allowed to tell anyone, even my Dad. As well, we wanted to have a small prayer team to walk alongside us through our first trimester which is why we chose four other close friends in our lives that we knew would be able to keep this cherished secret close to their hearts only.

JR: What are you most looking forward to about being a mom?

Desiree: Everything. I have this love, a Mother’s love, that I have been waiting to shower on my children. I can feel it stirring so much already as our babies grow in my womb and can only imagine what that love will feel like when I hold them in my arms. Being a Mother is such a special gift. I look forward to all the adventures ahead and the joy and love our triplets will bring to Ry and I. 

JR: Do you have a crew of “helpers” lined up for when the babies are born?

Desiree: YES! Thankfully, we have so much family and friend support!! It is an absolute blessing. 

JR: What’s your reaction to the internet sensation that your surprise turned into?

Desiree: It is pretty amazing. Our story is one of HOPE. And I hope that others walking through the same struggles we went through can be inspired to not give up. Hope is the anchor to our hearts. It gets us through our tough days.  God is so good and every intricate detail has been so perfectly designed by Him (even when I didn’t understand it). We thank Him for blessing us with our precious Charlize, Sawyer, and Jax. As well, I am overjoyed that we captured such a joyous celebration. It is has been truly remarkable to receive so much love and prayers from around the world as we wait upon the arrival of our trio. The support touches our hearts so deeply and I am blown away that so many people would take the time to love on us during our season of pregnancy. It is a beautiful thing to be apart of. From our hearts to yours, THANK YOU for celebrating with us, for praying and walking this journey with us. 

Thank you Desiree, for sharing your story with us! Take a look at this amazing video Desiree and her husband created to announce their pregnancy and thank their friends and family for their support. And get your tissues ready!

Our Story of Hope“Every good and perfect gift is from above.” James 1:17WE’RE PREGNANT!!!!Thank you so much for being apart of our story of hope!!!!!

Posted by Desiree Fortin on Wednesday, February 4, 2015

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