These Before and After Pics of a Girl’s First Day of Preschool Are Winning the Internet

Like most doting moms, Kelly O’Brien had to document her darling daughter Franky’s first day of preschool with a photograph. Here is 5-year-old Franky, ready to take on the world. She’s got comfortable but fashionable shoes, her sweet jean jacket, and her curled hair and hair bow are ON POINT. She’s ready to take preschool by the horns and show it who’s BOSS.

franky before 1
Photo: Reddit

But O’Brien had another idea: why not take a picture of Franky getting off the bus after her first day, as well? Surely before and after pics would also make for an ADORABLE memento of the big day…right?

Well, sort of. This photo of Franky getting off the bus after the first day of preschool proves that MAYBE she had no idea what was coming. LOOK AT THE PAIN IN THAT CHILD’S EYES!

franky after
Photo: Reddit


O’Brien’s hilarious picture duo of Franky’s before and after went viral after she posted them on Reddit—and I can’t imagine why! Oh wait, maybe because this is the most hilarious before and after I have EVER seen! What did they do at that preschool? Make you do push-ups before you could do play-doh? Run an obstacle course instead of recess? This poor exhausted kiddo!

Did any of your kids have a before an after experience like this one? If so I’d LOVE to see some photos posted to our Facebook page!

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