These Gorgeous Images of Moms With One Day Old Babies Made My Uterus Skip a Beat

Put off by all the childbirth horror stories told to pregnant women, one British mum and photographer, Jenny Lewis, embarked on a special project to put expectant moms at ease. Her “One Day Young” photography project captures moms just one day postpartum with their beautiful day-old babies.

These gorgeous photos are Lewis’ way of reassuring moms who seem only to be told what could go wrong that they can – and will – be ok.

The images in the series feature mums of all different backgrounds, ages, and races, with one powerful thing in common: they’re new mothers who are experiencing the power of motherhood for the first time, not merely “childbirth survivors”.

I love the way this series – and the resultant book of the same name – inspires and empowers women to keep their eyes on the prize and look forward to childbirth as a wonderful event and not something to fear. Here are just a few of the lovely images included in One Day Young. Hop on over to Lewis’ website for more.

one day young 1a

Marley and Etta


one day young 2

Meredith and Lina

one day young 4

Frida and Ethan

one day young 3

Suphrawadee and Evelyn

one day young 5

Anna and Sky

One Day Young 7Shenelle and Arissa

One Day Young 8

Leanh and Lachlan

I think all these women look truly beautiful, and I’m so glad they shared their first day as moms with us! You can by the wonderful photo book of all these images here at Hoxton Mini Press.


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