These Grooms Seeing Their Brides for the First Time are a Joy-Bomb For Your Soul

 When she’s just TOO breathtaking and she’s YOURS.

Photo Credit: Andria Lindquist

When you see your hopes and dreams walking straight toward you.

Source: IraLippkeStudios

When too good to be true is REALLY true.

Photo Credit: April + Paul

When “Damn, girl!” are the only words you can conjure up


When your smile no longer fits on your face.


When you’re so excited and you just can’t hide it!

Photo Credit: Joe Elario Photography

I mean like, REALLY, REALLY excited!


 When you can’t believe what you are seeing.

Photo Credit: Charlie Juliet

When she literally makes you weak in the knees.

Photo Credit: Zach & Jody

When you 100% feel the weight of THIS moment.

Photo Credit: Tye and Emily Photography

When the answer to your prayers is just a few steps away.

Photo Credit: Josh Elliott Photography

When her beauty knocks you off your feet.

Photo Credit: Photography by Emma Pointon

When you’re overwhelmed by her grace.

Photo Credit: Ventola Photography

When your bride is like, WHOA.

Photo Credit: Sarah Culver Photography

When she’s looking at YOU like that.

Photo Credit: Jasmine Star Photography

When you’re in awe of each other.

Photo Credit: Jasmine Star Photography

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