These Parents Were Called “Cruel” For Choosing to Have a Child Who Might Have a Disability

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British Parents Simon and Vicky Moore are just like any other young couple with a toddler – deliriously happy and deliriously tired. But they’ve also recently come under fire for choosing to have a child in the first place because Simon, 30, has a genetic condition called Treacher Collins Syndrome which causes underdeveloped bones (particularly in the facial region) and often results in facial disfigurement and hearing issues. The pair knew going into it that any child of theirs had a 50/50 chance of inheriting the syndrome from Simon, but they chose to start a family anyway.

This decision caused them to be called “selfish” and “cruel” by others, but Simon, who has had TC all his life, felt he had a great quality of life despite his condition and had no fear moving forward with pans to become a dad.

When their beautiful daughter Alice was born last year, it was immediately clear that she had inherited TC. However, Alice’s biggest issue is that her underdeveloped ears are closed up, so she uses hearing aids. Her mum Vicky says that other than that she’s “normal”.

Proud dad Simon says that his daughter will have what he had growing up – “fantastic parents” – and I have to agree that any child who has two parents who love her and each other has a great start in life.

As the mom of a child who isn’t exactly “typical”, this story really hits home with me. In my opinion, ALL lives have value, and people with disabilities or special needs can still live fully, happy wonderful lives and positively impact the lives of others on a huge scale. Kudos to Alice’s parents for bringing her into the world – I can’t wait to see what big things await her! Check out the video of Vicky and Simon and their precious girl below. I think all three of them are fearfully and wonderfully made for a purpose by God!

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