These Photos of a Dad Delivering His Own Twins Are Simply Breathtaking

Birth photographer Robin Baker of Birth Blessings Photography has photographed or witnessed over 70 births, but she calls the recent home birth of twins delivered in a tub by their dad one of the most incredible moments of her career. Baker told POPSUGAR she knew as soon as she arrived that it wasn’t going to be a long labor and she was also able to assist with the birth as well as take powerfully emotional photographs. After the first twin was born, mom and dad had about 30 minutes to bond with the baby before twin #2 made its arrival into the world—incredibly still inside the amniotic sac! Mom broke the sac with her finger and then dad placed the baby next to its twin on mom’s chest. Incredible! Check out these moving photographs below. What an amazing bonding experience for these parents! Welcome to the world, baby boy and baby girl! Your photos sure did bless me today!

Birth blessings 9

birth blessings 1

birth blessings 2

birth blessings 3

birth blessings 4

birth blessings 5

birth blessings 6

birth blessings 7

birth blessings 8

birth blessings 10

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