This 1-Pound Baby Was About to Die Until Doctors Used an Everyday Kitchen Item to Save Her Life

A baby born prematurely after 28 weeks was swaddled in a covering that nobody would’ve expected—a plastic sandwich bag.

It’s not what doctors would normally consider an emergency room necessity, but this little piece of plastic typically reserved for casing PB & Js is in fact what helped to save little Pixie’s life.


Pixie’s ultrasound revealed that she was not gaining weight, so the doctors tried to delay her birth for as long as possible, but at just a little over 6 months, it became clear that they would have to do an emergency c-section to give her a chance at survival.

Weighing in at only 1.1 lbs, the baby girl was smaller than the palm of her mother’s hand. Immediately upon her delivery, the medical staff rushed to find the smallest thing that they could find that would also help to raise her body temperature. And that’s where the sandwich bag came in.

They put her in the baggie and then inside of a hat to keep Pixie warm and rushed her to intensive care right away.



“It was so random that they had her in the [grocery store sandwich] bag – it must have just been what the operating theatre had at the time,” said Sharon Grant, the infant’s mother.

The first several weeks were terrifying for Sharon, as her daughter’s life became a matter of hour-to-hour survival. She wasn’t even allowed to hold and cuddle her baby for nearly the first 3 weeks because Pixie would drop weight drastically any time she was handled.

Even as she grew bigger, her health remained fragile. She was only allowed to be in her father’s arms for an hour every other day. How painful it must of been for these parents to keep such a distance from their precious newborn.

“It was amazing that she survived, but it was truly traumatic,” Sharon said, as she talked about the months her baby girl spent warding off infections as she lay in an incubator. “She kept being sick when they gave her milk and every time she was handled she would lose weight.”


But now, Pixie is 5 months old, and at 7.5 pounds, she’s finally at a healthy enough weight to get off the oxygen tanks and go home for the first time.


For her mom, this was a day she never thought would come. She’s ecstatic to take Pixie home to all the loved ones waiting to see her and finally hold her without fear.

“When we went in the front door Pixie came alive. She was looking all over the place and could see what was happening,” said Sharon. “It’s so lovely to have her home; there’s been endless cuddles and lots of people eager to see her.”


Pixie was given her name for her itty-bitty size, but the impact her little life has had on those around her is incalculable.

Sometimes God uses what we least expect to protect us. Never underestimate what He can do with a sandwich bag and a little divine pixie dust…

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