This 11-Year-Old Boy Made the Ultimate Sacrifice to Save His Sister From a Hit-and-Run Driver

When Chester, South Carolina boy La’Darious Wylie was faced with the choice to save himself or his little sister from an oncoming car, he didn’t hesitate. The 11-year-old lunged, pushing his 7-year-old sister Sha’Vonta out of the way before being struck by the car himself. This heroic big brother died of his injuries at the hospital the next day.


The car’s driver,  Michelle Johnson, 57, did not stop, help, or even call authorities Chester police say. She was charged last week with felony hit and run resulting in death and was released after posting a $25,000 bond. If convicted, Johnson faces a year to 25 years in prison.

La’Darious’ mother, Elizabeth McCrorey, says she is not at all surprised by her son’s brave sacrifice. “He knew to look out for her,” she said. And not only did La’Darious save Sha’Vonta’s life,  but several of his organs were donated after he passed, enabling him to save the lives of other children as well. McCrorey’s attitude towards the driver who killed her son is unbelievable to many. “I don’t hate her. I just wish she had stopped,” she says. I guess we can see where La’Darious got his loving nature.

Thanks to this brave kiddo, his little sister will  be able to do all the things she loves, like sing in the choir and play down the street at their favorite park, which many in the community are pushing to have re-named for La’Darious as a fitting tribute to the boy who gave up his life for his little sister. It seems a fitting tribute for a young life lost too soon.


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