This Backstreet Boy Breaks Down After a Perfect Performance and a Surprise Gender Reveal!!!

Check out the video below for the touching backstory and gender reveal! Backstreet BOY or GIRL?


Nick Carter and Sharna Burgess wowed the judges on Dancing With the Stars this week with an emotional contemporary dance to Elvis Presley’s “I Can’t Help Falling in Love With You”. The touching backstory for the dance’s inspiration centered on Carter’s attempt to have a child with his wife, Lauren. In an interview, Lauren revealed that they miscarried their first child and that Nick was devastated. Happily, the two are now expecting again and the pregnancy is 16 weeks along. Nick spoke lovingly about how his wife is his “savior in many ways” and about how excited he is to become a dad. After the breathtaking, all “10” performance, the Carters went backstage for a gender reveal and found out that they are expecting a baby (Backstreet) BOY!

Congratulations on the amazing dance on mostly on the beautiful baby boy, Nick!

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