This Big Brother’s Reaction to Little Sister #5 is Going Viral for an Adorable Reason

Parents Andrew and Laura Last are expecting their 6th child and wanted to do a fun gender reveal for family and friends. When the ultrasound revealed that the Lasts would welcome a 5th daughter, they decided to get their oldest child and only son Matthew, 6, in on the act.

The result is a hilarious gender reveal photo that screams “ANOTHER GIRL!!!” without saying a word!


5 sisters

In the photo Matthew sits in the middle of his sisters  (who are all decked out in princess dresses) with his hands to his head shock and horror. Next to him on the bed, there’s a 5th princess dress with the new baby’s ultrasound photo on it.

“Everyone was kind of expecting or hoping for Matthew’s sake that it would be a boy so I just thought we’d do something funny to announce that, of course, it’s another girl,” Laura Last told ABC News.

By all accounts, Matthew is a great big brother and was happy to participate in this little joke. “They adore him,”his mom said of Matthew’s younger sisters. “I think he’s in a good spot being the oldest and the only boy.”

The newest baby girl Last is due in May. Congrats to the family, and hang in there big brother Matthew!


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