This Dad Turned His Baby Into the Most Adorable Real Life Elf on the Shelf!

I am not a huge fan of the Elf on the Shelf, mostly because WHEW does that seem like a lot of work! BUT, I must admit a do get a chuckle from all the photos I see of parents who are going the extra mile and knocking that elf business out of the park! HOWEVER, I am sad to announce to all you Elf Achievers that Utah dad Alan Lawrence has one-upped you ALL! How, you ask? By turning his 4-month-old son Rockwell into the CUTEST, non-creepiest, REAL LIVE Elf on the Shelf EVER!

Alexander, who’s also known for his amazing photo series of his “flying” son with Down Syndrome, has put his creativity to work this season by posing the adorable Rockwell into a series of hilarious Elf on the Shelf-like antics.

4 month elf 2 feat

“All of our friends do the Elf on the Shelf and I’ve always thought it was sort of creepy, but sort of fun — this idea of an elf coming to live in your home and moving around to different places,” Lawrence told TODAY. “And I’m like, what if it was a real elf? And of course, being parents, we already have the cutest little 4-month-old. So we decided to make a fun series.”

He enlisted his wife to make Rockwell’s elf costume, and it turned out pretty darn spectacular, if I do say so myself! Check out their little “elf” getting into trouble around the house!

4 month elf

Sorry Will Ferrell, I think Rockwell’s got you beat!

4 month elf 1

This elf is making sure big brother is on the nice list!

4 month elf 3

Seriously, could this BE any cuter? Now I want a real-life elf!

We’re totally digging Alexander’s series with Rockwell—for more incredible cuteness, check out all the photos on his website, That Dad Blog!

And if you think Rockwell’s the most adorable elf, EVAH, don’t forget to share this on your Facebook page!

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