This Dad Dubsmashes His Way Through Baby’s 1st Year as a Gift for Mom & it’s the BEST Ever!

Minneapolis dad Eric Bruce knows how to have fun with his kiddo, and we are all reaping the benefits of his creativity. When his son Jack was just a few weeks old, Bruce began creating dubsmash videos with his son while his wife Priscilla was at work on the evenings and weekends. When she came home, there’d be an adorable new daddy-son video awaiting her. How cute is that?


Well…EXTRAORDINARILY cute, as the video above shows! The compilation of the best dubsmashes of baby’s 1st year is to DIE for. I can’t tell you how  many times I LOLed in 2.5 minute masterpiece. From Justin Timberlake to Lord of the Rings…Jack and Eric have it ALL covered, and it’s hysterical!

Bruce Fam
Bruce Family. Maren Delaney Photography

I seriously love the parent-child bonding here…and the fact that these funny memories are on video for the family to treasure for years to come. I think I see an improv career in this kid’s future!

My favorite is definitely the “Crocodile Hunter” bits…which are yours?

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