This is What You Do When Your Homecoming Date and Her Mom Both Have Cancer

I’ve enjoyed seeing homecoming pictures from my friends’ Facebook feeds the last couple of weekends. It’s always fun to see everyone’s kids grown up and dressed up. But one homecoming picture of Tennessee teens Allie Allen and Brayden Carptenter I saw over the weekend totally stood out from the rest, and you can probably see why:

Allie and date

Allie, 17, has been fighting brain cancer for over 2 years. There is no cure or remission, so she is in constant treatment.

She does her best not to let treatments interfere with living the life of a normal teen, and agreed to accompany her friend Brayden to his homecoming (even though their schools are rivals). What she didn’t expect was that Brayden would appear with a freshly-shaved  head in honor of his date, who lost her hair due to chemo (well, actually, she shaved it off first, claiming her own “Britney Spears moment”).

It’s support from friends like Carpenter that is helping Allie through not only her fight for her life, but a complication: her mom’s stage 3 breast cancer diagnosis earlier this year.

Allie and Debbi

Allie’s mom Debbi had surgery soon after being diagnosed and is now going through radiation—as is her daughter.

“We’re about neck and neck with radiation” Debbie told local news station KPLC-7.

Debbi also said Allie has been struggling with wanting to give up treatment and live the life of a normal teen, but she can’t because, “if you stop treatment, you die”.

Allie and Debbi, your FIGHT has certainly inspired me today! I’m praying for you ladies and your family as you kick against cancer. I love the way Brayden’s act of kindness brought your story into my life!

KPLC 7 News, Lake Charles, Louisiana
For more on this family’s journey, you can also follow
Allie’s blog.


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