This Mom Has a Powerful Message for the Racist Co-Worker Who Shamed Her Son #HisNameisCayden

An Atlanta mom named Sydney Jade is fighting back with a hashtag – “#HisNameisCayden” after a co-worker (unbeknowst to her) took photos of her son Cayden as he was visiting her at work. He then posted a photo of himself with Cayden , who is African-American, to Facebook and his “friends” immediately starting making racist remarks, which the co-worker, “Geris Hilton”  joined in on.


Remarks ranged from, “I didn’t know you were a slave owner” to “He was feral” to “Send him  back those F*ckers are expensive”.  (Seriously, I want to VOMIT just typing that.) SHOCKINGLY, Hilton has since been fired from the place where he worked with Cayden’s mom, Polaris Marketing Group. See his boss’ statement below (note to self: Polaris Marketing Group is AWESOME!)

Polaris screen shot

Hilton’s remarks make me sick and show that racism is still a HUGE problem in this country! But I would like to tell you more about the REAL Cayden! He is a CHILD, a beautiful child. He is an image-bearer of CHRIST! He is NOT A JOKE!

Here is what his mom Sydney has to say:

Sydney and Cayden, we love and support you! We are SO sorry you had to experience this racism and cruelty and we want you to know that we’re committed to spreading the word to stop this kind of hate speech.

God bless you as you grow up and show the world what you can do, sweet Cayden!

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Jenny Rapson
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