This Mom Just Got 51 Years in Prison For Selling Her 11-Year-Old Daughter For Heroin

In what the judge called “by far the worst thing that has come before this court,” an Ohio mom was sentenced this week to 51 years in prison. Her crime? Selling her 11-year-old daughter to participate in sex with her 40-year-old drug dealer in exchange for heroin.

April Corcoran, 32, pled guilty to the charges against her, and the CIncinnati Inquirer reported that she expressed remorse, saying. “I made selfish, horrible choices that will affect [my daughter] for the rest of her life. I am consumed by guilt and shame every day.”

According to the court, the drug dealer Shandell Willingham (who is in jail awaiting trial for his crimes) raped the girl, sodomized her, and forced her to perform oral sex, sometimes videotaping the encounters.

corcoran willingham

Corcoran’s daughter, now 13, is living with her father, stepmother, and two siblings. WKRC TV reported that she has suicidal thoughts and is on medication, according to the judge’s paperwork.

Heroin is a huge problem here in Ohio and across the country; because I live in southwest Ohio (where Corcoran’s crimes occurred), I can also tell you it has placed a HUGE burden on our foster care system. Stories like those of Corcoran’s poor daughter will  become more and more common if we don’t fight back against this deadly drug! The Washington Post reported that Corcoran was a loving, attentive mother before she started using heroin; now she will spend the rest of her live in prison for letting it turn her into a monster; her daughter’s young life is shattered.

The body of Christ can help reverse this trend! Please get involved in the fight against heroin in your community – just google it! Locally, we have Hope Over Heroin. Or, reach out to your county about becoming a foster parent to the sweet children who are losing their parents to this fight. And please, join me in prayer for Corcoran’s daughter, that she can heal, and hopefully come to through healing by coming to know the love and power of Christ.

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Jenny Rapson
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