This Mom Loses Her Mind Via Text When She Finds ‘Drugs’ in Her Daughter’s Room—Hysterical!

Teenagers don’t usually like their parents poking around in their bedrooms, but Ashley Banks actually ASKED her mom to go into her room and look for a calculator—and that started one of the most hilarious episodes of her young life.

As she was looking for the calculator, Ashley’s mom stumbled on some colorful pills—and FREAKED THE HECK OUT, accusing her daughter of having drugs. Ashley posted the ensuing exchange to Twitter, and it’s since been re-tweeted a whopping 33,000 times!!! We’ve included the texts below so you can join in on the joke, too!

Mom texts are the BEST!!

mom drugs 1

You know you’re in trouble when mom busts out your middle name!

mom drugs 2

Wait, maybe there’s an explanation for this…

mom drugs 3


mom drugs 4

Is this hilarious or WHAT? Lucky for her mom, Ashley’s walking the straight and narrow. And lucky for us, she uses Twitter and shared this with the Internetz. Hysterical!

Have you ever falsely accused your kid of messing up?

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