This Mom Has the Type of Breast Cancer No One Talks About, and We ALL Need to See It

I’ll be honest, it kind of seems like EVERYONE gets cancer these days. I know so many people who have had it, who do have it, or who have passed from it, that it can make me feel somewhat fatalistic at times. As a matter of fact I’ve had two mammograms and I’m not 40 yet, because I had some suspicious breast things going on, that thankfully were not cancer. But you better BELIEVE I was going to get them checked out! I think as women, we all feel we are PRETTY DARN AWARE of breast cancer, but the truth is, not all breast cancer looks and feels the same. Australian mum Kylie Armstrong recently found this out the hard way, and she is sharing this picture of her breast—and her breast cancer, to help all of us be aware that cancer can look as harmless as 3 dimples on a breast. Check out her photo, and Facebook post below.  And then SHARE it—it could save a life!

breast cancer

Kylie says:

Please take a good look at this photo.

These 3 very, very subtle DIMPLES on the bottom of this breast are a sign of BREAST CANCER!

This is what MY BREAST CANCER looks like.

I felt no lump.

The GP felt no lump.

However, she listened to me when I said my breast looked different to usual and when I raised my arm I could see very, very feint dimples on the underside of my breast.

The GP sent me for a mammogram to be sure.
It wasn’t obvious on the scan so they sent me for an ultrasound.

The ultrasound found the cancer deep in my breast close to the muscle.

These 3 dimples have turned my world and my families world upside down.

We are shocked, we are numb, we are emotional, we are sometimes ok, we are pretending it’s not happening, we are trying to absorb information, we are dealing with tests, we are crying, we are trying to continue as normal.
We are angry, we are sad.
We have more questions than answers.
We are doing our best to cope.
The messages and phone calls to me, my husband and my children sometimes help and sometimes make us all cry.

I am sharing this because I hope I can make people aware that Breast Cancer is not always a detectable lump.

Please go straight to your GP if you notice ANY change in your breast.
It could save your life.

Please share to spread awareness.

Thank you Kylie for SHARING! I’ve no doubt you will save many lives with this photo. Our prayers are with you as you fight, fight, fight this cancer!

Please take a good look at this photo. These 3 very, very subtle DIMPLES on the bottom of this breast are a sign of…

Posted by Kylie Armstrong on Monday, February 29, 2016

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