This Mom Was Called a “Whale” By Total Strangers—But Her Powerful Response Is PERFECT

Dianne Hoffmeyer was just working her way through her mom day when she went to a local Tim Horton’s to get some donut holes for her teething 22-month-old as a special treat, as well as some coffee for her sleep-deprived self. As she was in line minding her own business, she began to hear some women behind her talking negatively about someone—then she realized they were talking about HER.

Hoffmeyer told Detroit’s WXYZ 7 that the women were commenting on her hair and her weight, saying,  “Oh look at her hair; it’s nasty looking and the roots are coming through… Oh the whale needs to eat.”

She said she then started to cry, because the comments not only hurt, they made her angry. “I don’t know why they would choose to say something like that,” she said. The comments on Hoffmeyer’s weight were ironic, as she’s recently lost 177 pounds to get healthy for her daughter!

When it came time to react, this mom reached down inside herself and decided to set a good example for her child. Instead of getting mad or lashing out, Hoffmeyer simply paid for her tormentors’ coffees. The cashier, who overheard the remarks, was stunned—as were the bullies. After Dianne posted her encounter to Facebook, it went viral.

She says if given the chance, she’d buy those ladies another cup of coffee—and explain to them how their comments made her feel.

Well done, Dianne! You’re an inspiration that gives us all faith in humanity!


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Jenny Rapson
Jenny Rapson is a follower of Christ, a wife and mom of three from Ohio and a freelance writer and editor. You can find her at her blog, Mommin' It Up, or follow her on Twitter.