This Professor is Holding a Student’s Baby While Lecturing For a Pretty Amazing Reason


Sydney Engelberg, a lecturer at Jerusalem’s Hebrew University, was in the middle of giving a lecture when a student’s baby started to get fussy. As the exasperated mom rose to take the squalling infant out of the class, Engelberg did something very unexpected. He took the fussy babe from his mother and calmed him down, all without missing a beat in his lecture.

Engelberg’s daughter, Sarit Fishbaine, posted the photo on Facebook and was shocked when it went viral. She said her dad teaches in the master’s program at the university and had lots of older students with children in his classes.

professor 2

“There’s a lot of young moms and a lot of them have babies, and he encourages them to just bring their babies to class,” she told BuzzFeed News.

Fishbaine’s viral Facebook post about her dad says “The mom stood up to leave with the crying infant, but instead Engelberg took the baby in his arms, calmed it down, and “continued the class as if nothing had happened.”

Way to go Professor Engelberg! We applaud you for being supportive of young moms continuing their education!

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