This Single Mom Thought She Found Happily Ever After—Then the Police Called About Her Daughter

Single mom Catherine St. Germain has a powerful message she wants all parents, especially single moms, to hear. So, she made a Facebook video—and it’s been viewed over 7 million times!

Many of you know what Hell the last year has been for my family. I ask that you share this short video. I believe we must not remain silent, and instead shine a light in this dark subject.

Posted by Catherine St. Germain on Friday, April 8, 2016

In the video, St. Germain tells how as a single mom, she was delighted when she started dating a guy she’d known for over 20 years, Aaron Tyrell Scott. Scott, a Navy veteran, was by St. Germain’s account a hard worker who was close with his mom and to his three kids. He was adored by his friends, and now, by her. The two eventually married, and, as she says in her video, she was “Soooo happy!!!”

But her happiness lasted less than a year. Just ten months after her marriage, on April 23, 2015, Catherine got a call from police. Her 15-year-old daughter had been sexually assaulted—by her HUSBAND.


St. Germain immediately kicked Scott out, and they divorced. Scott maintained his innocence until DNA evidence proved that he had indeed sexually assaulted his step-daughter. Only then did he accept a plea bargain. Sickeningly, Scott served only NINETY DAYS in jail for assaulting his step-daughter. 90 days!

Since that clearly felt like a slap on the wrist to the infuriated mom of the victim, she took to Facebook to warn other parents, especially single moms, about predators that look, act, and seem just wonderful. She wants her video shared by as many people as possible, so please help make other parents aware, and share St. Germain’s heartbreaking story on Facebook!

Thank you, Catherine, for giving us this priceless information, and helping to keep parents vigilant. Our best wishes of healing for you and your daughter.

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