To the Mom Who Doesn’t Have It All Together


When I first started reading mommy blogs I always wondered how these super mama’s managed to not only make beautiful, time consuming homemade foods and body products, keep a perfectly organized home, homeschool a bajillion children and blog about it as well; all with a smile on their face and a great attitude. Though I was truly inspired and encouraged by them, I felt like I must not have it all together since I was barely able to get anything thing done throughout the day… let alone blog.

Lo and behold here I am today…blogging and doing all those things I thought I could never do; though I only blog when I can since I have a 14 month old that is my siamese twin, have to homeschool two boys in grade school and a daughter in kindergarten, put food on the table and keep the house somewhat liveable…you get the picture!

Since feeling led to start this blog I have a new perspective on life behind the blog. Though I try to be as real and transparent as I can, there are many things I can’t always share or really don’t want to. It’s much easier to share my accomplishments and success rather than my failures and catastrophes.

I love taking pictures of my kids, projects and recipes and try to make them look as nice as I can but for every picture I show there are 20 that didn’t turn out right and lots of messes cleared out of the way to get at least one decent shot. Because who wants to look at dirty messes and failed recipes? There is also usually a lot of crying and whining in the background that thankfully you can’t hear!

Looking at other mom’s (their homes and blogs) and comparing ourselves is unfortunately a part of the mommy culture, but it’s not how God calls us to live.

“When they measure themselves by themselves and compare themselves by themselves; they are not wise.” 2 Corinthians 10:12
Somewhere on my journey as mom and wife I chose to stop comparing myself to everyone else.(though I still struggle at times) As mother’s and wives we are all going to do things differently and have different priorities for our families. There is not a one fits all rule for motherhood. Yes, there are many times when I am not doing it right and neither are you, but that is a part of the learning and growing process. Sometimes we have to figure things out for ourselves and our families.

I am so thankful for those wise mama’s who saw me doing everything wrong and never told me, who gave me advice when I asked and encouraged me when I failed.

When I start to think that I have it all together God quickly reminds me that I most definitely do not. On one such occasion this week God showed me how super human I am not. Read here.

We all are going to mess up and fail; we are flawed beings. Yes, it’s pretty depressing but let me encourage you dear mama with this truth…we serve a perfect Savior who is able to take a our messes and failures and redeem them and use them for his glory!! He has grace for us every day. Don’t you feel better now? I know I do! It’s so freeing to admit that we don’t have it all together… but we serve the One who does!

“But he said to me, “My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness.Therefore I will boast all the more gladly about my weaknesses, so that Christ’s power may rest on me.”( NIV 2 Corinthians 12:9)

When you start to feel bad about all the things that you don’t do right remind yourself of the things you are doing right!

Your house may not always be clean but you let your kids make forts in their rooms.

You may not blog but you are writing stories of joy, inspiration, encouragement and love on the hearts of your children, husband and friends.

You may not always make gourmet, organic, homemade meals but your husband’s and children’s tummies are always full.

You may not be be crafty or organized but you find your own ways to be creative and make the most of your time and home.

Your kids may not always be wearing clean clothes because you let them play in the dirt.

You may feel like you are always an emotional wreck because you care so much for your family.

You may not always have time to get all the laundry put away because you play with your kids when they ask you.

You may not always act out of love and have the best attitude but you ask for forgiveness and humble yourself when you need to.

You may not know how to teach math or english well to your children but you teach them about Jesus who does all things well!

Do you ever feel like you are the only mama who doesn’t have it all together or know what she is doing?

Do you tend to view blogger mom’s as superhuman and compare yourself to them?

How do you keep your perspective and not get caught up in comparing yourself to other moms?

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Rebekah Harris
Rebekah is living out her dreams as wife to her best friend and homeschooling mama to 5 beautiful but messy kids. First and foremost she is daughter of God and follower of Christ. When she is not answering the call of 'mama', you will find her taking pictures, running and encouraging other women and mamas to be faithful with all that God has given them to do on her blog faithful with the little.