Pregnancy Pranks to Play While Pregnant. Because What ELSE Is There to Do?

pregnancy pranks

Pregnancy pranks are not for the faint of heart so please only do with to people you know will be able to handle the joke.

Here are some pretty heavy pregnancy pranks to pull while pregnant!

  1. Pretend you picked a baby name, and announce one that is just hideous. Like Hashtag. Or Mold. It’ll take some major self-control for people to force a smile and say “oh congrats, how interesting!” as they tiptoe around trying to not offend you … that is, until you tell them that the name you really picked was actually Nathan (thank goodness).
  2. Photoshop your sonogram. Give your baby horns, or a tail, then show it to friends and family. Say, “here’s my little angel … only what do you think THAT is?”
  3. Use your pregnancy to help someone else with their prank. Since you’re pregnant, you can pee on a stick and help someone else pretend they’re preggers.
  4. Tell everyone you’re expecting twins. Or triplets. Or heck, quadruplets! The bigger the brood, the more jaws will drop.
  5. Create a party invite. Make it sound like a total rager — heavy metal DJ, three kegs … and at the bottom tell everyone it’s to your home birth.
  6. Confess your husband is not the dad. This prank is best reserved for a good friend. Once you drop the bomb, tell her who the real dad is, and pick someone juicy — an ex? Your boss? Chris Pine? — and concoct an elaborate story about how it happened.
  7. Serve dinner to your hubby. Only give him a teeny tiny portion, but serve yourself a mountain of food. Explain that you’re “eating for two” and really intend to eat it all! Once he gets the joke, you can re-apportion your meals.
  8. Drink a whole bottle of “vodka.” Then act really, really drunk. No one needs to know you filled the bottle with water earlier until you’ve had your fun.
  9. Send out birth announcements (you can do it via email or put it on Facebook) saying the birth already happened.
  10. Tell everyone you’re NOT pregnant. That it was all an elaborate hoax, that you have no idea what you were thinking, that you promise you’ll return those beautiful baby shower gifts … people will be very relieved once this ruse is up!

Got ideas on how to pull a prank while pregnant?

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