Here’s Why You’re a Better Mom Than You Think

Some moms are hard on themselves, and perhaps they should be. Perhaps there are areas where laziness or apathy has crippled them and they need a good kick in the pants.

Some moms are brutal on themselves, even when they’re doing their best. I believe it comes down largely to personality types as to how hard you are on yourself as a mom, but I have a hunch, all of us need the encouragement I’m about to offer.

better mom

Do you struggle with diligence? Do you struggle with patience? Do you struggle with stamina? Well, welcome to the club.

But don’t despair. The problem is not that you struggle. (The struggle is real.) The problem is that you let the struggle overtake you, discourage you and defeat you.

Let me tell you what one of the most important traits (you probably possess) is to your family:


Faithfulness is failing and trying again. Faithfulness is sinning and repenting and forgiving yourself. Faithfulness is getting up in the morning and embracing God’s new mercies. Faithfulness is digging deeper, standing tall after a fall, gritting your teeth, even, and remembering that you have within you, a power greater than your enemy. Then standing that enemy up and reclaiming your territory.

Being a mother and wife isn’t about getting it right every day. It’s about faithfully seeking His face, faithfully loving your children, faithfully standing beside your husband, faithfully obeying God’s Word, and faithfully running the race that is set before you.

You cannot be perfect, but you can be faithful.


This post originally appeared at Generation Cedar.

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Kelly Crawford
Kelly Crawford is a Christian, a wife, a mom, a blogger at Generation Cedar, an author, a speaker and an introvert. She and her husband, Aaron, enjoy a quiet life (except for the 10 noisy kiddos) in the South.