She Wasn’t Supposed to Live 6 Weeks—Now She’s a 3-Year-Old Homecoming Queen!

A team of tough football players from Denver just proved they are all soft on the inside (not to mention classy!!) when they made an ailing 3-year-old their homecoming queen. Avelynn (Avi) first captured the teens’ hearts when they landscaped her yard as a service project this past summer.

avi friends

Avi and her friends in her new yard this summer. (Fox 31 Denver)

Manual High School student Losseny Knoe told Fox 31 Denver  “When we saw that little girl walk out onto her new lawn it touched my heart so much, I wanted to cry.”

Avi was born with several health issues and wasn’t supposed to live past 6 weeks of age. However, after multiple open heart surgeries, she has defied the odds—and her little life is touching other people’s hearts in a huge way!

Manual High School’s defensive coordinator Benjamin Butler said honoring Avi was 100% the players’ idea. They just haven’t been able to get this sweet girl off their minds or hearts.

3yo queen

(Fox 31 Denver)


Check out these tough football players talking about their Queen and try not to cry! These guys will go a long way in life if they keep treating others with this much love and respect!

Butler also told Yahoo Parenting “We were worried she would be overwhelmed, or that it would all be too much, but she absolutely loved it. She was smiling at the players, pointing to her framed picture, and just seemed to be basking in the special moment. She was everything that you would hope a homecoming queen would be.”

Congratulations to little Avi and to the football players of Manual High School for stepping up for this little one in a BIG way!

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