Twitter Battle Rages Over Doritos Super Bowl Commercial “Humanizing a Fetus”

If you watched Super Bowl 50 last night, you probably tuned in not just for an epic football battle, but also for some pretty funny commercials—I know I did! One of my favorites, which I’d seen on YouTube before the event, was a Doritos commercial that features a Dad chomping on Doritos during baby’s ultrasound. Suddenly, it seems that baby is reaching for Dad’s chips from inside the womb. Mom is unamused by this this little game and tosses Dad’s chips and—WHOA! Baby decides Doritos are worth leaving the safety of mom’s womb for, and decides to come a little early.

I feel ya kid, Doritos are totally addictive!

What I was not expecting after this funny commercial aired was for abortion rights activists to hate it SO much, but Doritos immediately came under fire on Twitter right after the commercial aired. NARAL, an pro-choice activist group, Tweeted this right away:

Last time I checked, Doritos, who is owned by PepsiCo, was just trying to sell chips.

Also, a human woman does carry a human fetus, right? Like, it’s not a monkey in there. Pretty sure Doritos did not tell anyone anything we didn’t already know with that commercial.

The Twitter battle is still raging pretty strong, if you care to check it out. Here are my favorite responses to NARAL’s original tweet so far:


I really hope Doritos just ignores this and does NOT cop to peer pressure from pro-choice advocates and make a statement of apology. It was just a funny commercial. Not EVERYTHING has to be political!

I think they’re just trying to sell CHIPS! What do you think? Was Doritos just being funny, or trying to make a statement about life?

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Jenny Rapson
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