You Won’t Believe What This Mom-to-Be Did While Her Contractions Were 3 Minutes Apart

As a mom, I KNOW moms are unstoppable and can do anything they put their minds to, but I think Georgia Mom Tommitrise Collins *may* have just raised the bar on me a little bit. According to her sister  Shanell Brinkley-Chapman’s Facebook post, Collins was not going to let a 20-hour labor stop her from finishing the psychology exam she needed to complete for her college class.

Collins FB

Brinkley-Chapman said even with contractions THREE MINUTES APART, her sister had her eyes on her laptop—and on the prize!

Happily, Collins soon completed both her exam and her labor and gave birth to a 7-lb, 10 oz baby girl, Tyler Elise.

Shannell Brinkley-Chapman, Facebook

Congratulations Tommitrise and family! I think your sister is right—with determination like that, you are going to be a GREAT mom!

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