Dad Just Informed Mom That His Vasectomy Didn’t Work, and That—OH YEAH—She’s Also PREGNANT!

We’ve all seen TONS of pregnancy announcements on the good old Internet, right? Facebook and YouTube have made recording and uploading your pregnancy announcement practically de rigeur. We’ve seen wives informing husbands, and couples surprising family members with their BIG NEWS, but Tim Brummel, a dad of 3 boys, totally turns the tables on us here by informing his wife that SHE’S PREGNANT. That’s right! He knew before she did—and the reason he was able to suprise her is pretty crazy—he called his doctor and found out the vasectomy he’d gotten 8 months earlier HADN’T exactly been 100% successful.

He thought his wife was acting “a little pregnant” (his words, LOL!), and then realized he hadn’t gotten the results from his post-vasectomy checkup yet. So, he called his doctor, and after being told that whoopsie, it wasn’t 100% effective, he realized that his wife actually COULD be with child.

So, like any rational dad does, he disabled the toilet and told his wife it was broken! Then, when she was out of the house, he stuck a pregnancy test in his wife’s diluted pee.

Yes, you DID read that right.

When the test showed and unmistakable positive, he bought his wife some flowers and a card and surprised her with the double-crazy news: she was pregnant with their 4th baby, and his vasectomy was a giant FAIL.

Her shocked reaction is TOO GOOD to miss! And stick around as this sweet family of soon-to-be-six reveals what the baby’s gender is going to be as well.

I might kill my husband if he did this to me (maybe that’s why I got MY tubes tied, LOL!), but at the same time, it’s really sweet—and SO fun to watch!

Congratulations to the Brummel family, and thanks for sharing this special pregnancy story with us!

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Jenny Rapson
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