‘My Grown Up Little Girl’ — Walt Disney World TV Commercial Will Have You in a Puddle of Tears


It’s only 30 seconds long, but Walt Disney World’s latest commercial for the Most Magical Place on Earth is one that will leave you reaching for the kleenex box.

It starts out with a curly haired little girl excitedly running toward Cinderella’s castle at Walt Disney World.

“Come on dada,” she says, turning only just quickly in excitement for what’s to come.

At the top of the castle steps, our tutu-wearing little princess is embraced by Cinderella herself!

Y’all, you can FEEL the joy in this moment.

And just like that, the moment is over when we’re transported to that little girl’s bedroom. The only thing is, now, our little girl is now a grown up little girl. And the heartwarming clip is only just a memory on her father’s cell phone.

Assuming she’s packing for college, or getting ready to leave home, the father is just like us, a puddle of tears watching the sweet memory of his little girl. As the phone video comes to an end, his grown up little girl says, “Dad, you’re going to miss me.”

He wipes tears from his face, and that curly haired little girl sits down on the bed next to him before embracing her one true prince — her daddy.

Through tears he jokes, “I’m not even gonna notice you’re gone.”

They share a laugh as the screen transitions to flying dumbos with eight little words that are sure to leave any parents’ heart shattered:

“Because they’re only little for a little while.”

Be still, my heart.

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