Washing Dishes and Wiping Behinds = Sacred. And Here’s Why.

Psst. Hey, you.

Yes, you. With the 5 minutes to spare and the hastily drank cup of not-as-hot-as-you’d-like-it coffee.

I promise this won’t take long.

I won’t take up more than 3 or 4 minutes of your “me” time.

Can I just tell you a little secret? You are making a difference. 



You might feel a bit worn down and like this “summer” has been all crazy-break-neck speed and very little whitespace.

But you’re changing lives. When God himself chose to plant those lives within yours, whether in your sweet Mommy tummy or within your giving, open-armed heart for adoption, HE KNEW.

He KNEW you were the mother they needed. And that no one on earth could do it but you– for those kiddos.

He also KNEW you would need Him in order to mother them. He knew you would need to lean hard on Him, every second of every day.

Is it harder than you thought? Maybe the days are even longer than you imagined. The never-ending list of disposable tasks that must be done today and then done again tomorrow– maybe it all just wears you out. It is easy to get wrapped up and worn down by the sheer “do it just to do it again” of being in this role.

What you may not see now is that 10,000 peanut butter sandwiches from now, we will know that it did matter. Every spread of the knife. Every cut into a shape because it makes them smile. All this everydayness… it matters.

There is eternity woven into every little bit of our everydayness. It ALL matters. The socks you pick up and the little feet that wear them– they might walk an African jungle or a college campus someday– telling others of God’s never-stopping love for them.

One day they will be outside of our reach and we will have to step back in a big way and just trust.

But today we have them. Today they are little and they are ours for the loving.

Today you might feel as though you are just washing dishes. Washing little faces. Washing those grass stains out of a soccer jersey. But really? You are washing feet. 

So be encouraged, Mama. Whatever the stage, it’s ok for it to be tough.

Just know that YOU MATTER.

And that not one of these little seemingly meaningless tasks is anything less than sacred.

“But he said to me, ‘My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness.” 2 Corinthians 12:9 

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Cynthia Stuckey
Cynthia Stuckey writes from a blue house in the modern Deep South where she shares life with her blue-eyed Mister and two twirling girls. She writes at happygostuckey.com and on Instagram @happygostuckey. You'll find her there, clutching coffee & handing out copies of her free recipe memoir, Simmer.