WATCH: Shawn Johnson East Gives Husband a Hilarious Taste of What Pregnancy Feels Like

Shawn Johnson East

Shawn Johnson East is giving her husband Andrew a little taste of the daily struggles that come with being pregnant. And you guys, his reactions are hilarious!

The olympian, who is pregnant with the couple’s second child, created a series of videos titled “Making my husband feel what it’s like to be pregnant.” Andrew, a former professional football player, shared the results on his Instagram.

The first video (“Part 1”) begins with Shawn saran-wrapping a 14-pound medicine ball to her hubby’s abdomen as she notes that the typical pregnancy weight gain is more like 30 pounds, (give or take depending on each individual woman).


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Before the experiment even begins, Andrew drops his first three complaints: “I already feel it in my upper back…and lower back. This is half of the actual weight? That’s terrifying. My quads are like fatigued already [and] we haven’t even started.” He continues, “My stomach hurts. I feel irritable.”

Once Shawn gets the medicine ball secured in place, the test immediately begins. She drops a toy on the ground and tells Andrew to pick it up.

“Wow that’s actually wild,” he says while struggling. “Is that real life?” he asks, patting his wife’s rock hard bump for comparison. The couple squats together with their rivaling bumps.

In the second clip, Shawn leads Andrew to the bedroom where she tells him to “lay down and get back up.”


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As soon as he takes a seat on the bed, he’s already blown away by how little movement he has in his abdomen and sides.

“That’s crazy dude,” he says as he makes his way onto his back. Once flat, Andrew just cackles as he’s clearly processing what he has to make his body do to get out of this seemingly normal position.

After struggling for a bit trying to sit up, Shawn tells him that the trick is to roll over. The couple then practices rolling off of their backs together.

The whole experiment takes on a totally different form when you think about the fact that Shawn is only just 4 feet and 11 inches tall!! Most twelve year olds are taller than that!


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Fans flocked to the comment section with suggestions and quips for other pregnancy pains Andrew should have to experience in his crash course.

“Is there a little organ kicker that can be implemented so he feels that fun too?” one person wrote.

“I want more of this,” wrote another. “Walk through a small area. Get in and out of the car. Carry Drew (the couple’s 2-year-old daughter) around. Do handstands like Shawn. Put shoes on,” they encouraged.

The videos are hilarious, and Andrew is a champ for taking on the challenge. “This is good, this is building empathy,” he says at the end of the second clip.

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