Watch This Man Play “Imagine” for Mourners in Paris on a Portable Piano

As hundreds pray, mourn, and leave flowers outside the Bataclan concert hall in Paris after last night’s deadly attacks, one lone man overs comfort and solace on a portable piano. According to the BBC, a small crowd gathered to listen to musician Davide Martello play the piano attached to his bicycle outside the music venue on Saturday. Martello made a similar gesture at the site of the Charlie Hebdo attack and has played during protests and other events in Ukraine, Istanbul, and Afghanistan. The coordinated attacks all over the city left over 127 dead, dozens of them inside the Bataclan concert hall.

Journalist Natalia Gallois captured part of Martello’s touching performance of John Lennon’s “Imagine” and posted it to her Twitter account where it soon went viral.

Well done, Mr. Martello. Paris, we stand WITH you and we are praying FOR you.


See another version of the video below:

A pianist plays a poignant rendition of John Lennon's #Imagine outside the #Bataclan theatre, the day after more than…

Posted by Petros Tassis on Saturday, November 14, 2015

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