Watch This Tiny Superstar Rock the Stage Like a Boss at a Zumba Convention

6-year-old Audrey Dethery is rockin’ the stage at the International Zumba Convention and spreading awareness about Diamond Blackfan Anemia, which she has.


Zumba International invited Audrey to open the International Zumba Convention with their dancers because Audrey puts out lots of adorable Zumba-dancing videos on Facebook to spread awareness for DBA. On their Facebook page, the family says:

“Almost 7 years ago Audrey was born and we began our journey in the world of Diamond Blackfan Anemia. We didn’t know how long we would have Audrey with us, we were scared to death. Now to look up on that stage and see Audrey dancing with all of the Zumba stars is a feeing that I can’t quite describe. I am so very proud of Audrey and so happy the Zumba community has embraced her. Zumba for life!!!!!

Thank you so much Zumba. We love all of you!!!!

Scott, Julie and Audrey”

We love this kiddo’s fierce attitude and stage presence! For more of Audrey’s awesomeness, check out her Facebook page!

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