Watching This Mom Wrestle Triplets & a Toddler Into PJs Will Make You Laugh—and Sweat!

You could say mom Corrie Whyte has her hands full—and you’d be 100% correct!

baby-gang FB
Photo: The Baby Gang on Facebook

In a video posted on The Baby Gang Facebook page (which you can view below), this busy mom attempts to corral two-year-old Emily and eight-month-old triplets Jackson, Olivia, and Levi, on her bed and get them dressed in their pajamas for bedtime. People can’t get enough of it, and you can see why. It’s hilarious and exhausting! But dang, those kids are cute!

Also, I know the video is sped up, but I think Whyte’s got some MAD PJ-snapping skills. Considering all she’s up against, I was super-impressed! And I’m not the only one—since she posted this video on Facebook, it’s been viewed over 54 MILLION (!!!) times and shared over 900,000 times! That’s pretty crazy!

Whyte told ABC News that this is just part of her normal routine and that she doesn’t deserve any accolades. Every mom is a super mom in my opinion,” she says.

I agree with you there, Corrie,  but I think maybe you deserve an extra hour of “alone time” after all that baby-wrangling. WHEW!

Thanks to Corrie for sharing a light-hearted look at the nitty gritty moments of parenting. Clearly she  hit a nerve!

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